Wait, what does this have to do with product design?
Nothing really, I'm just really proud of this.
In 2012, after the birth of our first son, my wife and I needed a change. What do we do being stuck inside every evening? Enter board games. Over the next few months I became hooked. My level of obsession reached unhealthy levels (don't worry, I've got that under control now. Well, for the most part.).
I legit have a room dedicated to board games in my basement. Like I said, unhealthy obsession.
I wanted to get involved and give back to the board game community so I started making videos like the following:

After making a handful of these, someone reached out asking if I wanted to do a podcast with him. This was also on my wishlist of things to do so I jumped on board. Our schtick is that we are two gamers who don't know each other and rolled the dice...on friendship. We are still in the early stages but have already seen great success. We've been able to talk to people in the industry and share our love of the hobby to those who listen.
Here's a sample episode:

And here's a link to both iTunes and Google.
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